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One of the major difficulties implementing a tinting system is the variety of the applied technologies. Chemical, mechanical, software, marketing competences are all involved. To put together the required know-how takes years of field experience.

Select the right colorants

Approaching a new tinting system requires considering both the current paint products and the final target applications. In the decorative area for example, universal colorants are suitable for both water and solvent-borne products where water-borne colorants are more efficient for water based products.
We can help to define the number of colorants in the system and their pigment characteristics. This is important in order to satisfy different applications and grant compatibility with the dispensing equipments.

Color communication

A mix of color communication tools is the way to personalize sales in a highly competitive market. Being able to provide a large color selection maintaining a simple way to pick a desired color gives an edge over competitors.
We provide standardized fandecks in both extended (1008) and compact (240) color range.


Software is the tool which paint professional use the most during their daily activity of color selection. Software allows to accurately retrieve a formula, preview a color in the final customer's environment and also to control the dispensing equipments. Software is a delicate component because it must be technically complete but, at the same time, it must be user friendly and easy to operate. RusColorPro is the application we maintain and provide to our customers.

Cloud services

We provide cloud services and APIs to handle color business from everywhere using any connected device. Our services are hosted on certified and secure servers, nothing to install, download or distribute. Companies can safely access consumption and maintenance statistics for each of their stores and distributors.
Color recipes, always up to date, can be accessed from everywhere using any kind of computer (Windows, Linux, MacOs), tablet or phones (Android, HarmonyOS, iOS).


We have a huge experience in the field of colorant and equipment inter-functionality. Defining a reliable dispensing and mixing solution involves a lot of different aspects: paint and colorant technology, production volumes, footprint in the store, efficiency of the mixing technology, serviceability, software upgrades and so on.


Whatever is the problem we are available to help getting the best from your tinting system. For example matching custom colors or dealing with a specific piece of equipment are all aspects that coating business face on a daily base. We constantly provide support and training to our partners, taking advantage of our labs and our network of international specialists.